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I'm a servant leader and shortstack developer . I write about leading teams and learning technology.

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Power over Distraction

January, 18 2019

I used to have a really big problem. I used to be a terrible procrastinator. I am way too good at distracting myself from what I should be doing. I'm changing that though, and I'm doing it by…

What's a Shortstack Developer?

January, 07 2019

A shortstack developer is always two pancakes short of a full stack. A full stack of pancakes is five pancakes and a shortstack is only three. A fullstack software developer is expected to know…

How A Manager Refers to Their Team Matters

January, 04 2019

You can spot a leader that takes stewardship seriously, owning the idea down into their core, by how they refer to their team. How do you refer to the team you work on? Do you actually act as their…

Decision Maker or Decision Listener?

January, 03 2019

Agency is the capacity of an actor to act in a given environment. Organizations with heavily centralized decision making are creating environments where their best equipped team members (those on…

Borrowing Time vs. Owning People

January, 02 2019

One of my primary issues with leaders that were brought up in command and control organizations is how they perceive their team, ownership over it, and their time. I see many managers suffering from…

What's a Servant Leader?

January, 01 2019

Servant leadership was originally defined in the 1970s as a departure from traditional leadership: This (servant leadership) is different from traditional leadership where the leader's main focus is…

A New Language: JavaScript

December, 27 2018

I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and I had an epiphany while listening: The downside of making a language more expressive is it also makes it harder to learn. Javascript in 1996, when I learned…

ES2017: Object Spread and Rest

December, 26 2018

Once again, the speed of JavaScript evolution is apparent. When you learn it all together, it's easier to see how an idea is being iterated upon. In this case, the Rest and Spread operators we…

Async Your Battleship with ES2017

December, 25 2018

Async functions are a special type of function that returns a Promise. They've been designed to make Promises easier to work with. Imagine they're kind of like all the new String methods, except…

Pad Your ES2017 JavaScript Scores

December, 24 2018

ES2017 brings new String methods for us, which honestly, feel a little weird. I think they're mostly in response to the famous leftpad incident , whereby a disgruntled developer brought a shocking…

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