Incantations, recipes, and spellbooks from my quest to become a shortstack software developer.

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Power over Distraction

January, 18 2019

I used to have a really big problem. I used to be a terrible procrastinator. I am way too good at distracting myself from what I should be doing. I'm changing that though, and I'm doing it by…

What's a Shortstack Developer?

January, 07 2019

A shortstack developer is always two pancakes short of a full stack. A full stack of pancakes is five pancakes and a shortstack is only three. A fullstack software developer is expected to know…

A New Language: JavaScript

December, 27 2018

I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and I had an epiphany while listening: The downside of making a language more expressive is it also makes it harder to learn. Javascript in 1996, when I learned…

ES2017: Object Spread and Rest

December, 26 2018

Once again, the speed of JavaScript evolution is apparent. When you learn it all together, it's easier to see how an idea is being iterated upon. In this case, the Rest and Spread operators we…

Async Your Battleship with ES2017

December, 25 2018

Async functions are a special type of function that returns a Promise. They've been designed to make Promises easier to work with. Imagine they're kind of like all the new String methods, except…

Pad Your ES2017 JavaScript Scores

December, 24 2018

ES2017 brings new String methods for us, which honestly, feel a little weird. I think they're mostly in response to the famous leftpad incident , whereby a disgruntled developer brought a shocking…

ES2016: Exponents and Includes

December, 23 2018

I'm starting to feel like a broken record, but once again, JavaScript ES2016 jumps into 2009 with a few nifty features! (I kid, I kid, these updates are great for the language and although small in…

Love to Hate JavaScript

December, 22 2018

After a half a month of joyful posts about JavaScript's ES2015 (also called ES6), I decided to get a little grinchy before the holiday. Here's something that tripped me up for the last hour or so. I…

Async Sugar: Promises and Generators

December, 17 2018

Promises from an instructor on Mr. Steele's Advanced Developer Bootcamp course (a little paraphrased): A Promise is a one time guaranteed return of some future value. The idea is that we do not know…

New Data Structures: Set Map to Treasure

December, 15 2018

Despite the title, I'm not a pirate on the high seas here. What is a Map? A Map is a collection of key-value pairs where the keys do not have to be strings. In other languages, this is often called…

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